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Day 41, Final Stop on Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Daily Focus for Visual Artists

Anne Marchand is a full-time artist who creates colorful, energetic abstract paintings with poetic connections to life. Anne’s cityscape, public art murals adorn playground walls in Washington, DC. Her blog, PainterlyVisions, showcases talented artists in the Washington, DC metropolitan area as well as other artists. Anne comments on life in the arts from her studio […]

Day 40 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–How to Choose and Focus Creative Projects

Isabella Mori is a psychotherapist and writer. Her blog “change therapy” deals with the wide range of experience of our inner lives, from the joyous ” 9 ways to feed the spirit to the academic 10 paradoxes of creative people , from the hopeful recovering anorexia to the amusing Inspired by Dr. Suess. Special interests […]

Day 39 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Mindfulness and Marketing Your Art

Alyson B. Stanfield is an art-marketing consultant who writes on the business of art for her Art Biz Blog. It is intimately connected with the weekly Art Marketing Action newsletter. Postings range from pricing and promoting your art to working with galleries and cultivating collectors. Alyson and Eric focus on mindfulness techniques for visual artists […]

Day 38 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Mindfulness and Fun

Maya Talisman Frost has taught thousands of people how to pay attention. Through her company, Real-World Mindfulness Training, she teaches playful, eyes-wide-open ways to get calm, clear and creative. She trains clients around the world by phone and email and publishes the “Friday Mind Massage”, a weekly ezine with subscribers in over 100 countries. Maya’s […]

Day 37 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Mindfulness for the Skeptic

Donna Druchunas is a freelance technical writer and editor and a knitwear designer. When she’s not working, she reviews books about science, religion, and skepticism and mouths off on the Skepchick blog where she is part of a team of thinking women who reject superstition and pseudo-science and prefer to use reason and evidence to […]

Day 36 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Help for New Mothers

Melanie Bowden is a freelance writer, teacher, and mother of two. She teaches infant massage classes, writing classes, and speaks to parenting groups about postpartum issues. She is also the creator of the workshop, “How To Reduce New Parent Stress”. Melanie’s mission is to help make the transition of others to parenthood a lot smoother […]

Day 35 Ten Zen Seconds Blog Tour–High Intensity Situations

Kathryn Petro-Harper is a Renaissance woman; she has worked as a librarian, psychotherapist, and community advocate. She is also a self-taught artist, poet, and an omnivorous, voracious reader. Kathryn dedicates her life to igniting curiosity, promoting creative and critical thinking, and inspiring enthusiasm in people for lifetime learning. She believes passionately in the innate creativity […]

Day 32 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Financial Spread Betting

Sally Nicoll is the author of Bets and the City, a Bridget Jones meets Wall Street beginner’s guide to day/swing trading ­ known in the UK as financial spread betting. Sally and Eric discuss how traders can profitably deploy Ten Zen Second techniques to improve decision making, cut losses and increase profits.

Day 31 Zen Ten Seconds Blogtour–Songwriting and Musical Performance

Ken is a technical writer, singer/songwriter, Web developer, instructional designer, and non-fiction junkie who blogs about the nature of creativity. What is it? Why do we do it? How can we bring more of it into our lives? He is a co-developer of the Creativity Happens workshop and currently in training as a creativity coach. […]

Day 30 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–The World Is Flat–International Technical Writing

Rahul Prabhakar works as a technical communication professional with Samsung Electronics Company Limited. He is based out of Seoul and is passionate about consumer technologies. He is a leading member of the technical writing community in India and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and a Diploma in Advertising Management. In the last […]