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Day 29 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Working on Your Own

Trista Hill is a self-employed fine artist and musician who posts her more personal issues involving creativity on her blog. She is a professional harpist who plays for special events in the central Ohio area, and is making a CD of her own harp compositions. She creates artwork on commission; her vision it to paint […]

Day 28 Zen Ten Seconds–Books and Travel

Mary Ann is a part time writer and a full time manager at Borders Bookstore in Union Square. She is currently planning to go to Italy in 2 weeks with some women friends and is feeling guilty that she hasn’t learned the entire Italian language or done more research. Mary Ann has been married forever […]

Day 27 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Major Life Transitions

Bernadette is a writer, author, artist, Feng Shui practitioner and professional organizer. Her passion is to assist others in identifying ways to create sanctuary within and without. Ray is a professional actor and artist, and integrates his love for these crafts with life experience to help others identify and express their own uniquely creative self. […]

Day 26 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Living Well While Mentally Ill

Scott is a poodle-owning, music-loving and cigar-smoking freelance writer and mental health activist based in Toronto. His blog, Finding Your Marbles, is an informative, friendly, and inspired “Handbook for life” for people suffering from mental illness. Scott’s mission is to share skills that enable people to manage their day-to-day lives so that they can overcome […]

Day 25 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Mindfulness for the Studio Artist

Susan Gallacher-Turner is an artist and writer who exhibits mixed-media sculptural pieces, myth-based story pieces, copper repousse’ and masks. She designs masks for local theater as well as presenting workshops in mask-making. Her blog features stories from her sculptural pieces, new poems and short stories as well as personal essays on the art of life […]

Day 24 Ten Zen Second Blogtour–Subtle Energies

Phylameana lila Désyis certified in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and The Science of Intuition from the Holos Institutes of Health. She is a clairvoyant, intuitive counselor, flower essence consultant, and soul owner of Spiral Visions. Her lifework includes writing, web-publishing, and healing. She is the author of The Everything Reiki Book: Channel Your Positive Energy […]

Day 23 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–The Business of Creating

Marcia Mauskopf leads a multi-creative life. She photographs weddings and events. She writes magazine articles and poetry, creates bead art, and plays music. Her goal is to document the moments of each day with grace and beauty and she believes in capturing real moments in real time, as well as creating art for the home. […]

Day 22 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–An Uncluttered Mind Is Your Best Mind

Sandy Lender is the author of the new fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods released from ArcheBooks Publishing March 20. Her 15-year career in journalism has been enhanced by a few years wearing a public relations officer’s hat so she brings an interesting marketing perspective to her efforts promoting her first book and to the […]

Day 21 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Serious Silliness

Shannon Grissom is a painter, author and television host who gives folks the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at her life and the creative process. Shannon started the blog “Monkey Made of Sockies” as a way to share her new monkey paintings. The blog is now evolving into a quirky examination of the seriously […]

Day 20 Ten Zen Seconds Blogtour–Sketching a Life

Walter Logeman of Christchurch, New Zealand is currently engaged (in addition to his otherwise busy life) in a Thousand Sketches project: he plans to do a thousand sketches on a Tablet PC in one year’s time. Check out his efforts at his blog, they are pretty cool. He does great horses!