In traditional societies, village wisdom is a community’s collective knowledge, a body of wisdom passed down through the generations. Village wisdom is about heritage and lineage, about respect for the knowledge of the elders; about doing things to reinforce the sense of being part of something larger. It’s sharing heart, hand, and mind to build community in the deepest sense.

In the “modern” world many of us have come to live like solitary nomads, unraveling the skein of our connections until we find ourselves in an emotional desert. We crave the connections we’ve lost in ideas, culture, family, and relationships; we crave connection with our selves. We want to bathe in the waters at the oasis rather than skip along the surface like a stone.

Village Wisdom for the 21st Century is more than just the title for this blog. It is my goal for the site: a sharing of our far-flung, individual wisdom to build community and connection in our 21st century world.