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Deeper Themes of “Deathly Hallows”

In J. K. Rowlings latest Harry Potter book she makes a hommage to C. S. Lewis (perhaps ever so unconsciously) and the Narnia books in her emphasis on sacrifice in conquering death. Lewis used this as a Christian reference. Pagans believed something similar, but in a slightly different way. Also, I feel she’s discussing totalitarian […]

“The Spirit of a Woman” anthology released…and launched with Women’s Spirit website

Click here to go to “The Spirit of a Woman” website to read about the newly released book “The Spirit of a Woman: Intimate Stories to Empower and Inspire” created and introduced by Terry László-Gopadze with 31 storytellers…women writers you’ve read and heard of and some you’ve never met in print. My story “Sliding Glass […]

Robson Reviews Riehl’s “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary”…(from Resident Media Pundit)

The poetry collection “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary” by Janet Riehl is a soaring, poignant homage to family, sorrow, and the rebirth that comes with pain and loss. Written after the death of her sister in a tragic automobile accident, Riehl cobbled together her father’s mournful poems as well as her own and set out to […]

Riehlife Review: “Twenty Chickens for a Saddle,” by Robyn Scott

I reviewed this book for Story Circle Book Reviews (reviewing books by, for, and about women) and the review appears on Amazon. It’s good for the book and the whole shebang whenever you mark a review “helpful” there. Love it, if you would…..Janet ____________________ A Coming of Age Story of a Girl and a Country […]

New Mexico in Pictures Reveals Velda Brotherton’s Story Worlds

Velda Brotherton takes us on a tour to New Mexico today in photos…related to a polished third-person memoir of Edna Smith Hiller…told in “Fly With The Mourning Dove” and her wild, fun romance novel just re-published by Authors Guild…”Images in Scarlet.” (All photos courtesy of Velda Brotherton.) AUTHOR ONLINE BIBLIOGRAGHY Authors Den Buy “Images in […]

Thompson’s Western Tales Reviewed on Writers In the Sky

Click here to read Erwin A. Thompson Western Series book review. Cattle Country and Back Trail: Two Tales from the Thompson Western Series Erwin A. Thompson ISBN: 0-595-40228-3 Publisher: iUniverse $17.95 US Reviewer: Gordon Randall Buy on “Cattle Country and Back Trail” on Amazon by clicking here. Randall begins his review by saying….”Turns out that […]

Shared Story—Martin Prechtel: Remembered through being in the story together

“They welcomed me by letting me know that they hadn’t let me go. I was remembered. As far as they were concerned, no matter how far I roamed or what we’d had to do to survive, I was still in the story with them, and had never actually left the village.” Martín Prechtel Artist Writer […]

River’s Mercy: African Wilderness

At the Mercy of the River: An Exploration of the Last African Wilderness by Peter Stark “There is always something new coming out of Africa.” –Pliny the Elder

Adult’s Reading Kid’s Stuff

My niece Janean Baird is a tigress reader in Illinois. She writes today about the summer reading program at their library. –JGR _____________________ I’m participating in the Adult’s Reading Kid’s Stuff at the library again. I love that I can get prizes for reading this summer too! Also, with children’s literature I can read it […]

Writing Tip emerges from “Two Candles”—Ernest Dempsey’s new poetry book

Two Candles by Ernest Dempsey My writing pal Ernest Dempsey is also known fondly on Riehlife as “our man in Pakistan”—you can find many blogposts about his work on Riehlife under “Read On” and read his poems under the “Writing Matters” archive categories. I asked him to tell us the story behind the creation of […]