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“Renfro Valley Memories,” by Erwin A. Thomspon(0)

November 6, 2012

One of the most satisfying things about Riehlife is having readers reach out to us. Matt Kulak wrote to us to share a family story about listening to Just When the Sun Went Down, by Edna Florence. You can see the lyrics to “Just When the Sun Went Down”–a Civil War song–here Here is my […]

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“Music Lives On,” by Matt Kulak

One of the most satisfying things about Riehlife is connecting with new readers and hearing their thoughts. Matt Kulak commented on “Just as the Sun Went Down”–a Civil War song chosen by my father Erwin A. Thompson. Here’s a lovely letter he wrote to Pop. –Janet __________ So although the facts may disappear from history, […]

Daddy Cares for Me

It’s Saturday. My turn to spend time with my father. I’m ready to go. And, then, I’m not. My cold–or, whatever it is–takes a turn for the worse. I’ve been struggling with it for several months now. It keeps coming back, or, maybe it never leaves. I’ve called Pop several times, but he’s been out […]

“From the Ground Up: Building a Village,Eco-Kid Style”, by Khadijah Lacina

Image from University of Arkansas: The Office for Campus Sustainability I met Khadijah Lacina through Story Circle Network. She is a regular guest columnist for Riehlife. This is the third post in her series on Creative Parenting. 1) 2) Creative Parenting: My Head Is Full of Poems Creative Parenting: Poverty as Creative Catalyst In her […]

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