“The Spirit of a Woman” anthology released…and launched with Women’s Spirit website

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“The Spirit of a Woman: Intimate Stories to Empower and Inspire” created and introduced by Terry László-Gopadze with 31 storytellers…women writers you’ve read and heard of and some you’ve never met in print. My story “Sliding Glass Door” in this collection tells of friendship lost and friendship found…and how my heart expanded in both the finding and the losing.

My story is honored to be in such magnificent company!

Click here to read my post on the Woman Spirit blog titled “Connecting to Our Wisdom Selves”.

The Spirit of a Woman cover

As Angeles Arrien says in the forward: “Our unobstructed creativity is the ambassador, connected to the mystery, that allows us to release the courage, vision, wisdom, and love needed to create a future world that works for everybody.”

The Spirit of a Woman is a celebration of courageous women living spiritual lives in challenging circumstances. They are spiritual optimists and activists. Some have used the backgrounds of their cultures and religious traditions to lead richer more meaningful lives. Some have moved from one faith to many faiths. Others have left tradition behind to encounter spirit in new and wonderful ways. And each of them sees life as a sacred trust.

The women, who wrote the stories in this book, come from many nations, ages and personal histories. They have encountered the difficulties that are part of a fully lived life, and they have seen them in the light of eternity and the wholeness of creation. Instead of fleeing the unknown, they have honored the mystery and faced fear with faith. They see closed doors are openings to new choices and possibilities.

They tell us how love and prayer, forgiveness and hope, dance and serving others have transformed and healed them. They invite us to live our dreams and speak our truths, and when we have read their stories, we will know that we can.

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