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My niece Janean Baird is a tigress reader in Illinois. She writes today about the summer reading program at their library. –JGR

Stacks of Books with Globe

I’m participating in the Adult’s Reading Kid’s Stuff at the library again. I love that I can get prizes for reading this summer too! Also, with children’s literature I can read it in a day sometimes. Since I’m reading to the boys anyway, it’s nice to get two free milkshakes, what I choose from my prize list, and be entered into the raffle drawing at the end of the summer. T. is keeping track of his reading this summer. A. is ahead because he just has to listen to 5 books a week and sometimes we read that many in a day. At the end of the summer when they complete the program, they each receive a free book of their choosing from a wonderful room filled with new books of all types.

Two books I’ve just read are both by Pam Munoz Ryan. She also wrote the “Becoming Naomi Leon” book I read last summer. Yesterday I read “Esperanza Rising” and today I read “Riding Freedom” before getting out of bed this morning. (Very unusual I get to stay tucked in with a book, but today I did and it felt so good. Snuggles our cat kept me company.)

“Riding Freedom” made me think of Grandpa. The very first paragraph said about the main character, “When she was nothing more than a bundle, she surprised her parents and puzzled the doctor by surviving several fevers. Folks said that any other baby would have died, but Charlotte was already strong.”

Then at the end of the prologue it was said about her, “Since the day you were born, you’ve been determined as a mule and tough as a rawhide bone.”

There were more gems of wisdom throughout the book about not giving up and being determined and driving a six horse team. “Riding Freedom” won a lot of awards that were listed in “Esperanza Rising” since it was written after “Riding Freedom”.

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