Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: “Without You,” by Janet Muirhead Hill

I met Janet Muirhead Hill through Women Writing the West. Janet is the author of several novels for children ages 8 – 14, including the Miranda and Starlight series of six book about the bond, formed in tragic circumstances, between a horse (Starlight) and a young girl. (Miranda.) I’m a huge fan of her work….

Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: “Clara’s Air,” by Arletta Dawdy

Arletta Dawdy and I both belong to Women Writing the West. We became writing friends when we both lived in Northern California. My flash fiction piece “Triptych: Jeweled Bones” (in 3 parts) inspired her to write “Clara’s Air.” She sat down before bed and dashed off the story of Clara’s Air which captures an era,…

Fencing ourselves in? by Doris Gardner-McCraw (storyteller, author, vocalist & acting coach)

My Riehlife mission is to create connections through the arts and across cultures. I’m always thrilled to meet multi-talented creative folks. Doris Gardner-McCraw and I both belong to Women Writing the West. I invited her to share some thoughts on how one art discipline feeds into another. Doris is a storyteller, author, vocalist and acting…

Mara Purl: Koto at Lincoln Center then twirls to “Child Secrets” awards upon return home

Mara Purl, a colleague from Women Writing the West, knows the challenges and advantages of being multi-faceted in our artistic work. Mara says she’s a “hyphenate” (how cross-genre folks are designated in Hollywood.) She refers to her web site as “an eco-system with interconnecting gardens” and you’ll be amazed at the multi-talent you’ll find there….

Journey to National Memoir Conference, Austin, Texas, Story Circle Network—Stories from the Heart IV

Yesterday as I stepped out of my St. Louis apartment to walk my five blocks to the Metrolink, I opened the door to snow. Journeys in one’s 50s are different than in ones 20s…but yesterday I did my best to meet all the little twirks of modern travel with a measure of joie de vivre….

Writers in the Sky Podcast features author Velda Brotherton

Writers in the Sky, “a 3-Fold, Production (Blog, Podcast and Newsletter) filled with information about writing, publishing and book publicity” has the gracious and competent Yvonne Perry at the helm of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing and Editing Services. Velda Brotherton, author, “Fly with the Mourning Dove” “Yvonne has uploaded another show to Writers…