Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: “Without You,” by Janet Muirhead Hill

I met Janet Muirhead Hill through Women Writing the West. Janet is the author of several novels for children ages 8 – 14, including the Miranda and Starlight series of six book about the bond, formed in tragic circumstances, between a horse (Starlight) and a young girl. (Miranda.) I’m a huge fan of her work. I’ve donated the entire series and other imprints from her publishing house, Raven Publishing.

Janet believes that “Pursuit of the truth, not facts, is the business of fiction.” — Oakley Hall

Of her creative process in writing poetry Janet says that “Sometimes I wake with rhymes running through my head. They usually take the form of lighthearted or satirical ditties that make me happy. Something I see or a name I hear often gives birth to a frolicsome limerick. Exploring nature has inspired both rhyming and free verse poetry. I find that rhyming verse comes easily providing spontaneous way to express irritation, frustration, and resentments.

“I’ve written many sad and poignant poems including Without You during periods of confusion, betrayal, and deep sorrow. Most of them are free verse. My process is one of stream-of-consciousness writing as I let emotion boil over onto the page.”

Without You

A cloud without sky,
A hearth without flame,
A fire without warmth,
A tunnel without end,
Borne in solitude.

You can learn more and Janet Muirhead Hill and her work on her website.

Her blog that discusses kids true fiction.

Her profile on Smash Words.

Her books and others on Raven Publishing.

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