Writers in the Sky Podcast features author Velda Brotherton

Writers in the Sky, “a 3-Fold, Production (Blog, Podcast and Newsletter) filled with information about writing, publishing and book publicity” has the gracious and competent Yvonne Perry at the helm of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing and Editing Services.

Velda Brotherton author of “Fly with the Mourning Doves”
Velda Brotherton, author, “Fly with the Mourning Dove”

“Yvonne has uploaded another show to Writers in the Sky podcast. Her guest today is Velda Brotherton..a native of Arkansas, and for the past twenty years has been writing historical articles and books. She is the co-chair of a writer’s critique group that recently celebrated twenty years of success helping fledgling writers. Her historical articles appeared in The Washington County Observer for many years and are now published in The White River Valley News.”

I hope you visit this site to listen to the podcast interview with Velda. In addition to Velda’s work as an author, in 2004 she “was honored with a 30-minute documentary featuring her work to preserve Arkansas history. It appeared on PBS and was shown at several film festivals. Her latest book is Fly With The Mourning Dove the true story of a young girl who grows up on a homestead in New Mexico.”

Velda and I know each other through Women Writing the West. Riehlife interviewed Velda Brotherton about “Fly with the Mourning Dove” in July 2007, and, I may have been the one to introduced her to Yvonne Perry…could be…love those connections. You can read our interview on Riehlife by clicking here.

Yvonne interviewed me, almost exactly a year ago (January 12th) and you can listen to our interview at this link, here, in which we discussed “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary” and I read poems from the book.Sightlines:A Poet’s Diary by Janet Grace Riehl (cover)

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  1. Blessings to two wonderful women in my life. Janet and Velda are worthy role models for women everywhere. Thank you Janet for posting here and for commenting on my blog. Thank you both for being my podcast guests!


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