Pioneer Journey: They Came to Kansas

My father unearthed another family treasure recently and we’ve posted it on the Women Writing the West blog. Click here to read They Came to Kansas.

My father, Erwin A. Thompson, became enthralled with a recent discussion on the Women Writing the West listserve concerning the mid-day meal. He discovered and transcribed this story written by Audery Blackburn Johnston,the wife of my great-uncle (on my mother’s side), Floren Johnston. A. Schooley,one of the travelers in this story, was Audery Johnston’s great grandfather.

Notice that in this account of their journey, they say “nooned” for the noon stop. My father says, “The heritage told of in this story is mine only by marriage, but these were a great, rugged people. Refined, perhaps by the years of so-called progress, but the strain is still alive.” Here, then, “They Came to Kansas.” –Janet Grace Riehl

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