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Sightlines Blog Tour Week 9 & Reviews for “Sightlines” audio book

Week Nine July 27-31 Here we are at the 9th and last week of the Internet tour for “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music” audio book. It’s been a grand adventure that those of you following and dipping into it have enjoyed. This week there are two excellent wrap-up posts. Irene Watson […]

Suzy Bogguss joins Sightlines Blog Tour Week 7 & Featured Video: Stage 7 (celebration)

Week Seven July 13-17 Suzy Bogguss, my cousin, joins us this week from Nashville on our featured video. Find out how Suzy responded to “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music.” Week seven marks the last three weeks of the Sightlines Internet tour. This week highlights two blogs and an Internet Radio Show. […]

Sightlines Blog Tour Week 6 & Featured Video: Stages 6 (Production & Marketing) & 7 (Celebrate)

Leave a comment about the video and you’ll have a chance to win a FREE copy of our audio book “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music”. Week Six July 6-10 July 6 Molly Lundquist welcomes Janet for a guest post, review, book club suggestions, and Midwestern recipes at Lit Lovers, a well-read […]

Sightlines Blog Tour Week 4 & Featured Video: Stages 2 (editing) & 3 (technical)

Week Four June 22-26 We’re into week four now, with 1/3 of the tour completed. Thanks for those of you following the tour. Go to Eden’s site for this week’s TREASURE HUNT CLUE. Then, contact Janet with the answer to win a FREE copy of our audio book “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry […]

Sightlines Blog Tour Week 3 & Featured Video. Stage 1: Recording your audiobook.

Follow the blog tour TREASURE HUNT to receive a free copy of our new audio book “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music.” Week Three June 15-19 17 Sharman Apt Russell interviews Janet on the themes of love, place, and meaning on her group blog Love of Place celebrating place and a greater […]

Sightlines Blog Tour, Week 1 & Featured Video; Nashville Launch Dinner Send-off

Amazingly, I’m all over the internet this week. The joint’s jumping this week with five internet visits to blogging buddies. In addition to the three stops of my audio book blog tour, check out these other visits. Several readers have asked me to say more about my two African homecoming journeys last year. Here it […]

Sightlines Blog Tour Video #8: Interviews with Greg McNey (stage 4, legal) & Yvonne Perry

Title: CD Launch Dinner part 7 Description: Interview with Greg McNey who makes the licensing and copyright phase crystal clear. Watch for Yvonne Perry coming in around 7:25 marker. Yvonne owns the writing service “Writers in the Sky” (WITS). Yvonne and I became blogging buddies after “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary” came out in 2006. Hal […]

Sightlines Blog Tour Video #7: Interview with Suzy Bogguss at Launch Dinner

Title: CD launch dinner Part 6 (featuring Suzy Bogguss) Description: Stage 7, celebration: launch dinner at Sportsman Grille and Lodge. Janet reads Pop’s “I.M.A. Fox” that goes with his fox carving he sent as a gift. Interview with Cousin Suzy Bogguss. Janet and Suzy discuss her hard-won Nashville success, their family connection that began at […]

Sightlines Blog Tour Video #6: Stage 6 (Production & Marketing) & Stage 7 (Celebrate)

Title: Interview with Scott Kidd Part 5 Description: Stage 6: Production and Marketing. The product arrives: 50 boxes contained 20 audio books. What to do? Janet stacks them in the corner of her upstairs office (the “Cowboy Room”) at Pop’s house. Moving into promotion and marketing stage. Intro to launch dinner in Nashville, Stage 7: […]

Sightlines Blog Tour Video #5: Stage 4 (legal) & Stage 5 (production)

Title: Interview with Scott Kidd Part 4. Description: Stages 4 & 5 Legal work (licensing and copyrights) and Production. Greg McNey enters the project. Scott and Janet choose Discmasters as the company to produce the physical prodct…1,000 copies. Length: 9:56 minutes Videographer: Scott Kidd