Sightlines Blog Tour Week 4 & Featured Video: Stages 2 (editing) & 3 (technical)

Week Four June 22-26

We’re into week four now, with 1/3 of the tour completed. Thanks for those of you following the tour.

Go to Eden’s site for this week’s TREASURE HUNT CLUE. Then, contact Janet with the answer to win a FREE copy of our audio book “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music.”

Week four on June 23rd we have the treat of being welcomed by Artist & writer Eden Maxwell interviews Janet wisely proclaims, “You can’t outsource your soul work.”

Eden has appeared several times on on Dharma and Artful Living ( and Rejection for artists of all kinds. His useful and soulful handbook An Artist Empowered: Define and Establish Your Value as an Artist—Now is a great book for your reference shelf whatever kind of art you pursue.


Title: Sightlines Blog Tour Video #4: Stage 2 (editing) & Stage 3 (technical)

Description: Stages 2 & 3, editing and technical (disc numbering and mastering) How Janet went from clueless on how to produce an audio book and started doing it. Topics: 1) Further into a description of the 7-stage process. 2) Moving from recording (stage 1) into editing and technical side. 3) How the music clips and poetry were woven together.
Length: 8:46 minutes
Videographer: Scott Kidd

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