Sightlines Blog Tour, Week 1 & Featured Video; Nashville Launch Dinner Send-off

Amazingly, I’m all over the internet this week. The joint’s jumping this week with five internet visits to blogging buddies. In addition to the three stops of my audio book blog tour, check out these other visits.

Several readers have asked me to say more about my two African homecoming journeys last year. Here it is! Two interviews appear Monday June 1 & Wednesday June 3rd to fill you in on the highlights.

Have you ever been a little scared during your creative process? On June 2nd, my second post in a cycle of 3 on Creativity and Fear appears appears. Here’s the first post to get the rhythm of the cycle.

Blog Tour Week One: June 1-5

1 Velda Brotherton includes Janet Riehl to her stories woven in time. See “On Being a Writer” at Velda and I are both members of Women Writing the West.

2 Women’s Memoirs Kendra Bonnett & Matilda Butler welcome Janet to Womens Memoirs where everyone has a story to tell. Guest post on the theme of using story poems as an approach to writing your memoir.

Next week on June 11th, they’ll host a telecall for me that’ll be both aired on that date and recorded. Do you have any questions you’d like to ask me?

Kendra and Matilda are both members of Story Circle Network and we all blog on SCN’s Telling Her Stories. On Tuesday June 2nd, read my second in a 3-post cycle on Creativity and Fear.

4 Susan Tweit interviews Janet on themes relating to place that reach out to include the metaphor of quilting and the writing process.

Susan’s blog is named after her newly released memoir “Walking Nature Home.” Her blog presents thoughts and conversations on living a green and generous life, rooted in place wherever we find ourselves. Susan and I belong to Women Writing the West and Story Circle Network. We both blog for the SCN’s Telling Her Stories at Susan and I have often carried on what I call “Blog Duets.”

Read my post on Fear and Creativity by clicking here.


Title: Sightlines blog tour video #1: Getting Ready to Go–Nashville Launch Dinner
Description: Ready to go. Janet gets ready for Sightlines audio book launch party in Nashville, Tennessee with Suzy Bogguss—Nashville music star—as special guest.
Length: 2:33 minutes.
Videographer: Ria Sharon
Riehlife Link:

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