Sightlines Blog Tour Week 3 & Featured Video. Stage 1: Recording your audiobook.

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Week Three June 15-19

17 Sharman Apt Russell interviews Janet on the themes of love, place, and meaning on her group blog Love of Place celebrating place and a greater relationship and intimacy with the natural world. She lives in Silver City, New Mexico.

Mary Ruth Donnelly reviews Sharman’s beautiful memoir “Standing in the Light” on this week (see below under views and reviews). Learn more about Sharman and her work by clicking here.

17 Kendra Bonnett and Matilda Butler presents “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music” on Book Raves, their book reviews for Women’s Memoirs. Matilda & Kendra post their insigtful interview chock full of inspiration and information.

18 Isabella Mori hosts Janet’s guest post in Dialogue with Sarah Luczaj: Who Owns the Poem? at change therapy — making lives better, making better lives


To view all 8 video thumbnails together, go to: Audio book calendar under BOOKSORE top tab.

Description: Recording Begins, stage 1. Janet and Scott continue chatting about 1) How Scott eased Janet’s initial terror; 2) More detailed information on his studio set up; 3) working process of their 2-day (8 hours) recording session in Nashville.
Length: 8:20 minutes

Videographer: Scott Kidd

3. Sightlines Blog Tour Video #3: Stage 1–Recording…ge-1-recordingsightlines-blog-tour-video-3-stage-1-recording/

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