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Riehlife Earthquake Sandwich (with poem & earthquake memories): bread, spread & jolt

This morning I felt a familiar sensation in a totally unexpected place: an EARTHQUAKE (5.2 as it turns out), but in the Midwest, not Northern California, where earthquakes had become so common as not to be remarked upon. In California, pundits were always warning of California falling off into the ocean. Hey, maybe the country […]

Ste. Genevieve Specialty Foods

Now that I’m back in the heartland of the Midwest, I’m happily enjoying Oberle’s Headcheese. Yes, I understand. It’s an acquired taste. But, for us farmgirls, it’s a natural. Oberle’s Meat Market 21529 Highway 32 Ste. Genevieve, Missouri 63670 (573) 883-5656 Offering the original famous Oberle sausage, smoked pork loin, garlic cheese and a wide […]

Chocolate of the Day: Dagoba Eclipse

Dagoba organic chocolate, eclipse 87 percent cacao content, extra dark chocolate That’s what I’m imbibing (yes, imbibing) this morning with my tea…looseleaf black tea with condensed milk whisked in. The thing about these super-rich extra darks is that they go best with a beverage so they melt in your mouth. As the saying is in […]

40th Wedding Anniversary Hawaiian Tour for Gary & Patty Thompson (my brother & sister-in-law)

Gary & Patty Thompson on Hawaiian Second Honeymoon Tour Forty years ago today (February 17, 1968, in Glen Ellyn, Illinois) my brother Gary Thompson and Patricia (Patty) Murrary wed to become Gary and Patty Thompson. They’ve stayed that way for 40 years. That’s no small feat in today’s fast-dissolving-of-everything world. They’ve founded a family of […]

Alla’s Historical Dallas Bed & Breakfast…a heavenly blend of old and new

If you live in the Dallas area…if you’re travelling to the Dallas area…If you live anywhere in Texas…come on down to Alla’s Historical Dallas Bed and Breakfast where old ways and new ways meet to offer a thoroughly modern version of old world hospitality…and, enjoy the rooster! Alla is what makes Alla’s B & B […]

Publishing Strategies Examined in Redwood Coast Review article by Daniel Barth, “Staying Afloat: The poor devil author in the 21st century”…”Sightlines” author Riehl interviewed along with Bruce Patterson & Hal Zina Bennett

Click here to read Redwood Coast Review’s lead article by Daniel Barth, “Staying Afloat: The poor devil author in the 21st century,” online in pdf form. Daniel Barth’s article is well-researched and chockfull of information about Big Picture Publishing and how three authors in his region, Northern California, have responded in three distinctive ways to […]

Easy Tasty Send-Off Stew

When my dear friend Daniel Holland set off to return to his home in Lake County in Northern California this week, I wanted to give him something to stick with him as we traveled in the blustery St. Louis weather via MetroLink to the airport and then he flew home. Improvisational cooks know the best […]

Mother’s Fruitcake Recipe, Holiday Memories from the Depression onward, and a little family history—Ruth Evelyn Johnston-Thompson’s Golden (California) Fruitcake

You may be finished with your holiday baking. You may be sated from all your holiday eating. Or, you may be bored in this week of the dead in these days between Christmas Day and New Year in which my birthday happens to fall. Or, you may even be collecting yourself for next year. You […]

End World Hunger a grain and a letter at a time at Free Rice

Judy Tart writes: “Here for my wonky friends—play this vocabulary game and feed the hungry– -have fun and help people at the same time.” I got above 1,000 grains of rice…44 vocab level…decided I’d better stop and put it on my blog. For every word you get right, Free Rice donates 20 grains of rice […]

Riehlife Recipe: Easy Pane alla Cioccolata (Chocolate Bread)

If you are in the mood for a taste of something rich, smooth, and choc-late-y, but not too sweet…and nutritious into the bargain, this is the recipe for you. Like all Riehlife Recipes, it’s super-easy…the only way to go. You can eat this as a snack, of as morning lite-bite. INGREDIENTS Chose a good quality […]