Publishing Strategies Examined in Redwood Coast Review article by Daniel Barth, “Staying Afloat: The poor devil author in the 21st century”…”Sightlines” author Riehl interviewed along with Bruce Patterson & Hal Zina Bennett

Click here to read Redwood Coast Review’s lead article by Daniel Barth, “Staying Afloat: The poor devil author in the 21st century,” online in pdf form.

Daniel Barth’s article is well-researched and chockfull of information about Big Picture Publishing and how three authors in his region, Northern California, have responded in three distinctive ways to get their work out, promote their work, and create a writing life worth living and sharing.

I’m off today to the Story Circle Network’s National Memoir Conference where I’ll be one of three panelists speaking on publishing, “Pen to Print,” on Sunday. I’ve made an attractive broadside reproduction of the Barth’s article as my handout for the session. But, you, dear reader, can see it first!

Sightlines:A Poet’s Diary by Janet Grace Riehl (cover)

Dan became interested in interviewing me after hearing my talk (sponsored by Poets and Writers) at the Colored Horse Studio in Ukiah…”Story Poems: Of and For the Families of the World,” dedicated to my mother. I constructed the talk around the poems from her section of “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary.” You can read the full text of this talk on the sidebar of my website (just look for “Sightlines”/”Talks”).

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