Alla’s Historical Dallas Bed & Breakfast…a heavenly blend of old and new

If you live in the Dallas area…if you’re travelling to the Dallas area…If you live anywhere in Texas…come on down to Alla’s Historical Dallas Bed and Breakfast where old ways and new ways meet to offer a thoroughly modern version of old world hospitality…and, enjoy the rooster!

Alla is what makes Alla’s B & B a stand-out with warm-hearted hosting, world-class cooking, and stories that reach across cultures.

The John C. Pelt Home of Duncanville (a guesthouse in a museum) is “the oldest original all brick home in the city of Duncanville (South-West Dallas County) built by the chief Mason in 1927, John C. Pelt.” Rick, Alla’s husband, is a collector and dealer of Edison-era grammaphones and telephones, and evidence of this passion throughout the house adds layers of historical authenticity.

John C. Pelt home of Duncanville (a guesthouse in a museum)
John C. Pelt home of Duncanville (a guesthouse in a museum)

I stayed here after the Story Circle Network Conference in Austin, Texas. I jumped in my rental car and, true-to-Texan-form, just popped right over to the Dallas area to reunite briefly with my god daughter, Andria Ebel, just back from Peace Corps Service in Mongolia. Since we hadn’t seen each other by ourselves for several years, it was a huge treat to have one-on-one visiting time…and to meet the people in her life now who form a loving circle around her, D.C. Brooks and his mother, Lisa. We had two great meals at Los Lupes.

Hear the ring of cell phones amidst rings from the working antique phones in the house…then open up your laptop for high speed internet connection seated in a plush red velvet antique chair. There you are, surrounded by the charm of the 1920s and 1930s, with all the 21st century conveniences we’ve come to rely upon right in the heart of a small town.

hand model Alla’s full-scale breakfast
Wake up to bird song and the crow of the neighbor’s rooster as the bell rings for one of Alla’s fantastical breakfasts!

Rick and Janet at Alla’s Historical Dallas B&B
Rick, Alla’s husband, with Janet, taking a break from eating Alla’s large homecooked country-style breakfast.

Alla’s Full Table
Alla’s full table…can you possibly eat it all? No problem…save some for a snack later in the day or to take on your journey.

415 Hustead St.
Duncanville, TX 75116
Phone: (972)-697-6067
Fax: (972) 883 6938

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  1. Janet,

    What I love about Riehlife and all of your work is the way you ferret out the stories in everything you come across, and how you connect those stories to our lives. I don’t know that I’ll ever get to Duncanville (I bet there’s a story in that name too), but I’m charmed by the hospitality and history you found at Alla and Rick’s home and museum. You create community wherever you go, however long you stay.


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