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New Year Message & Poem from Ernest Dempsey

Dear Readers, This message and poem comes from our Man in Pakistan, Ernest Dempsey, who edits Recovering the Self among many other writing contributions. Ernest asked me to post it on Riehlife. That way all my regular readers can enjoy it while Ernest also will send the link his writing world buddies shortly before New […]

Author Dempsey Video Interview

Our Man from Pakistan Karim Khan/Ernest Dempsey talks about his book The Blue Fairy and other Tales of Transcendence in this short video interview with Victor Volkman.

Book Round-up: The Blue Fairy; Love Each Day;Swift Winds

My friend Karim Khan (Our Man in Pakistn) writing under the pen name Ernest Dempsey has come out with his fourth book, “The Blue Fairy: and other tales of transcendence (Modern History Press, an imprint of Loving Healing Press, “1 in the World Voices Series). Dempsey’s previous books are: “The Biting Age” (short stories reveling […]

Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing is Launched

Whether we have been emotionally wounded by trauma or not, recovering the self and carrying the feeling of hope and healing with us is a worthy human pursuit. “Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing” (vol.I, No. 1) lives up to its name and the promise it offers. The cover image of dancers […]

TCM’s Ernest Dempsey review of “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary”

Sightlines Janet Grace Riehl iUniverse Inc. ISBN: 0-595-37499-9 Genre(s): Poetry Reviewed by Ernest Dempsey Death sometimes brings about a radical swing in the way the survivors look at life. Janet Grace Riehl, an award-winning author, has written a poetry book Sightlines (iUniverse Inc., Lincoln, 2006) that expresses her feelings about the beauties and frailties of […]

Recovering the Self: new magazine edited by Ernest Dempsey, published by Loving Healing Press

Ernest Dempsey is starting a new magazine called Recovering the Self, on self-help/growth/development. It will be published by the Loving Healing Press and will include articles, essays, stories (both fictional and true), journal entries, book reviews, short plays, interviews – virtually anything on the theme of healing/recovering from a trauma, setback, or loss. Feel free […]

Dempsey’s “Two Candles” poetry collection reviewed by Riehlife

Click here to read an earlier Riehlife post relating to Dempsey’s writing process for “Two Candles.” Ernest Dempsey uses the defining image of light as the threading metaphor through his collection of 74 selected poems contained in 84 pages. Light as an archtypal image is the perfect connecting theme as Dempsey’s mind roams classic philosophic […]

Writing Tip emerges from “Two Candles”—Ernest Dempsey’s new poetry book

Two Candles by Ernest Dempsey My writing pal Ernest Dempsey is also known fondly on Riehlife as “our man in Pakistan”—you can find many blogposts about his work on Riehlife under “Read On” and read his poems under the “Writing Matters” archive categories. I asked him to tell us the story behind the creation of […]

Heart Talk—poem duet by Grace Madison & Ernest Dempsey

“Deep listening from the heart is one half of true communication. Speaking from the heart is the other half.” —Sara Paddison, author Hidden Power of the Heart When I sent this quotation to my friend Grace Madison (she is the mother of Curt Madison, one of my high school chums who know bases in Alaska), […]

Dempsey’s Tuanortsa previews “Two Candles”

My Man in Pakistan, Ernest Dempsey (aka Karim Khan)—a Man of Letters who is an author, editor, freelance writer, and book reviewer—responded to May Garsson’s challenge to write a poem in the experimental Tuanortsa form. Ernest Dempsey is a moving force with World Audience. He is President of World Audience, a publishing consortium, and editor-in-chief […]