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“Christmas in My Mind,” by Ernest Dempsey. Chatting across the oceans

Ernest Dempsey and I met in 2007 when he reviewed my book “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary” on TCM Reviews–Tami Brady’s review site. Since then we’ve become writing friends across the waves. On Riehlife I’ve often referred to him as “Our Man in Pakistan.” Have some fun reviewing the Riehlife archives that feature Ernest Dempsey’s wit […]

Part 2: Life with the Written Word–Ernest Dempsey’s Story from Pakistan

Yesterday Riehlife readers were treated to Part 1 of Ernest Dempsey’s “Life with the Written Word.” When you read part one you’ll see Ernest’ bio and the story of our four year internet friendship since 2007. –JGR ______________________ PART 2: Life with the Written Word – Ernest Dempsey’s Story from Pakistan JGR: Your home is […]

Life with the Written Word: Ernest Dempsey’s Story from Pakistan

Just like one’s immediate social surroundings, being part of an online community required mutuality of interest, a certain desirable decorum, and above all, the will to engage in meaningful, very often a reassuring, and dialogue – whether in form of direct person-to-person communication or comments on blog posts. It was living in a world of […]

Ermest Dempsey’s “The American Perspective” interview with Judyth Piazza

Listen to my writing friend Ernest Dempsey as he talks about inspiration, mentoring, and hard work on SOP’s The American Perspective with Judyth Piazza. Ernest’s drive to write and talent has developed an online writing community and an impressive career. Ernest lives in Pakistan. His writing has become a lifeline.

Bye-Bye 2010. Hello 2011. Ernest Dempsey’s thoughts

2010 is leaving. After a few hours, it’ll be gone. Really? Let’s ask ourselves, can a moment, let alone an entire 12-month period, suddenly vanish as the clock ticks 12 midnight? Boy! That’s almost like accusing the year of escaping in the middle of the night like a thief after stealing something from our lives. […]

13 Tips for Longevity and Health: “A tough old bird shows us how to fly.”

Here comes another present for my father’s 95th birthday November 9, 2010. My article “Erwin A. Thompson: A tough old bird shows us how to fly” has just come out under the “Inspiration” category in October’s “Recovering The Self:A Journal of Hope & Healing” Volume II, Number 4. Victor R. Volkman is the publisher for […]

Earn Extra Income Freelance Writing for the Web: Tips by Ernest Dempsey

Ernest Dempsey (a.k.a. Karim Khan, our Man from Pakistan) speaks about freelance writing on Author Access. Interviewed by Irene Watson & Victor R. Volkman.

Beyond Romantic Love: Valentine Love for All

February is here, that month of hearts burning to burnish romantic love relationships. What if February became a month celebrating all types of love? Why not send Valentine’s cards to everyone, not just our sweetie, as we used to do in grade school? Ernest Dempsey, a.k.a. Karim Khan, our Man from Pakistan, sent me the […]

The Poets Speak: “Blase,” by Ernest Dempsey

Ernest Dempsey has located yet another online resource for poets. It’s The Poets Speak where your poem is printed and also heard in your voice through streaming audio. “Blase” is from his second poetry book Two Candles. If you would like to get your audio poem posted, contact The Poets Speak editor.

Good News from Pakistan by Karim Khan

Follow this link to read good news from Pakistan: written by Karim Khan, Peshawar, Pakistan. Peaceful Ashora in Hangu Fills the Air with Hope