Recovering the Self: new magazine edited by Ernest Dempsey, published by Loving Healing Press

Ernest Dempsey is starting a new magazine called Recovering the Self, on self-help/growth/development. It will be published by the Loving Healing Press and will include articles, essays, stories (both fictional and true), journal entries, book reviews, short plays, interviews – virtually anything on the theme of healing/recovering from a trauma, setback, or loss. Feel free to submit something and/or pass the call to your writers/readers. Contact

Here are the few guidelines.

1. Submissions should not be very long; preferably under 3000 words though a bit longer will certainly be considred.
2. Submissions should be sent either in the body of the message or as an MS word file.
3. A brief author bio (under 100 words) and a small photo (optional) should be sent with the submission.
4. Contributors will get credit and exposure.

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