New Year Message & Poem from Ernest Dempsey

Dear Readers,

This message and poem comes from our Man in Pakistan, Ernest Dempsey, who edits Recovering the Self among many other writing contributions. Ernest asked me to post it on Riehlife. That way all my regular readers can enjoy it while Ernest also will send the link his writing world buddies shortly before New Year’s first minutes. Remember, folks…there’s a time difference.

I join Ernest in saying…

The year 2009 is leaving us for good and before it becomes history, I want to share with you my thankfulness to this year which left us safe and added to our knowledge and friends. At the same time, I wish you all a very happy new year. Here is my short New Year Greetings in verse, dedicated to you all.

New Year’s Poem
by Ernest Dempsey

I hear that time and tide don’t wait
To them, there is no human heart
Who cares, however, for clock’s figures
When human hearts count their own beats
There is no need for tide’s rush
While passion can drive life ahead
My day begins with the thought of pals
New Years arrive in friendship’s bloom

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  1. Hi, Karim! Thanks so much for the little poem. I really like it.
    Thank you again for your long-distance friendship and your wonderful correspondence.
    Let’s all hope together for a good 2010!
    Almost 12 more hours to go, here in Denver, before we welcome the new year in.
    Here, it’s a bright, sunny day, not all that cold, even though there is still snow on the ground.
    David and I are here at home at our separate computers, working hard and also staying in touch with friends.
    All best wishes to you and yours for the new year —

  2. Hey Ernest–Happy New Year to you too!
    Let us pray our lives enter even a deeper connection with our fellow man/woman and our Earth. I will be meditating at the turn of 2009 into 2010 for love, compassion, and prosperity for us all. Thank you for being my “pal” and your genuine friendship across the sea… 🙂

  3. My New Year’s wish is for the independence Ernest found in 2009 to burrow into the hearts of many, that we might all make the “powers that be” feel ever more obsolete until they leave us in freedom and peace.

  4. It’s a priceless pleasure to see all my wonderful fellow writers/editor/publishers responding to my greeting message. On this first day of the new year, I wish many great moments of joy, achievement, and growth – all with the elixir called ‘writing’. Stay connected folk!


  5. Ernest,

    Thank you, and I wish you a new year filled with peace, and love, and kindness, and safety. Thanks for all the love you share through your poetry, through your short stories, through your work as an editor. Thanks for including work from Twin Cities writers in the Journal!

  6. Thanks, Ernest, and a happy – and safe – 2010 to you in Pakistan.

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