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Riehlife Mississippi Floodstage Series Concludes with 12th post: nonegenarian looks back on lifetime of flooding

From July 4th to July 12th I’ve posted 12 entries written by Erwin A. Thompson giving a historical perspective on the Mississippi River floodstages through the years. I sure hope you’ll have a chance to look through these as a series. It’s been a pleasure posting them. Hats off to my father, Erwin A. Thompson […]

1943 Floodstage “Home on Pass & Nearly Impassable,” by Erwin A. Thompson

The first time that a flood really affected my life was the flood of 1943. That was one of the big ones. INBETWEEN ARKANSAS & TEXAS TRAINING CAMPS IN WORLD WAR II Ruth and I were coming home from our tour of duty at Camp Robinson, Arkansas. Our unit was being moved from that location […]

1943 Floodstage: “Me & My Brother,” by Erwin A. Thompson

After Ruth and I unloaded and settled in at home, I prepared to fix the road. It was a hopeful venture. I was trying to use the trailer to haul the rock. I must have also quarried the rock. But disaster struck again. I got stuck! Down on the Upper Bottom Road. There was no […]

1973 Floodstage Mississipi River, “Never Happen?” by Erwin A. Thompson

In 1937 they closed the Alton Lock and Dam. This dam had been loudly touted as the last thing needed for flood control. I remember asking: “What are you going to do with the extra water coming down stream? Pump it out over the top?” “No, it will never happen,” was the answer. In 1973 […]

Floodstage! How our Old Gate Road became a life line to higher ground…by Erwin A. Thompson

EVERGREEN HEIGHTS LAYOUT: The Hilltop & Bottom Lands…and the Field Roads HILLTOP A lesson in the topography of our property would be helpful in understanding how these changes in river levels affected us and the community. The Riehl farm at that time consisted of a hundred and fifty four acres. The original farm house (the […]

1993 Floodstage…500 year flood damage on a human scale, by Erwin A. Thompson

Riehlife’s FLOODSTAGE SERIES continues with Erwin A. Thompson’s explanation of sandbagging, pumps and dumps, and fixing up houses after the water goes down. –JGR ________________________________________ In 1993 we had what they called the “five hundred year flood.” SANDBAGGING We tried sand bagging, there in the East Bottom, and it worked for awhile. But there are […]

1993 Floodstage Tribute: Bob Sanders, Garbageman—He went beyond the call of duty because it was the right thing to do, and got new business.

This is a continuation of the RIEHLIFE FLOODSTAGE SERIES written by Erwin A. Thompson. Read on! —JGR How We Got a New Garbageman, Because He Did the Right Thing in Hard Times by Erwin A. Thompson Garbage in any flood is a major problem and in the 1993 flood it was a problem for the […]

1993 Floodstage Tribute: “Dog Mike,” poem by Erwin and Ruth Thompson for a brave flood fighter

DOG MIKE by Erwin and Ruth Thompson

Mississippi Headwaters

This picture is a corner of a post card that my father saved for my brother to scan as I continue my travels in Northern California. Gary says, “This is the headwaters of the Mississippi, at the Itasca State Park in Minnesota. My family was there once. I think Daddy and Mother were there also […]

2008 Mississippi River Floodstage, by Erwin A. Thompson (& Janet Riehl)…floodstage series continues

The folks around here have been nervous, not knowing. It is hard to realize, but we do not have a tenant that was here during the 1993 flood. Of course the predicted crests are never guaranteed. The predicted crest has been changed upward several times this year, and no doubt would have been higher except […]