1993 Floodstage Tribute: Bob Sanders, Garbageman—He went beyond the call of duty because it was the right thing to do, and got new business.


This is a continuation of the RIEHLIFE FLOODSTAGE SERIES written by Erwin A. Thompson. Read on! —JGR

How We Got a New Garbageman, Because He Did the Right Thing in Hard Times
by Erwin A. Thompson

Garbage in any flood is a major problem and in the 1993 flood it was a problem for the people still living in the flooded area.

At that time we were using Whiteway Sanitation from Jerseyville. They used Stanka Lane and the River Road to come in on. I told them how to come in Riehl Lane, our back way in emergenncies. They told me to tell them when the waters had receded. I told them “Never mind!”

Bob Sanders came in here and picked up whatever garbage there was. I had it gathered up by our parking lot for the Upper Cottage. I don’t remember that he ever even billed me for it. I had not been one of his customers.

One of the benefits of a real emergency is that you find out what is in people. Bob Sanders behavior in the 1993 floods is a prime example of that. He has had my business ever since, and the business of all of the tenants that I am responsible for.

Bob Sanders: I salute you!

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