1973 Floodstage Mississipi River, “Never Happen?” by Erwin A. Thompson

river-and-bluffs.jpgIn 1937 they closed the Alton Lock and Dam.

This dam had been loudly touted as the last thing needed for flood control.

I remember asking: “What are you going to do with the extra water coming down stream? Pump it out over the top?”

“No, it will never happen,” was the answer.

In 1973 it did happen.

The water got high enough that my friend and neighbor, Duke Cummines took me with him to raise a trammel net on Stanka Lane in front of his house. We went over the guard rails of the Great River Road in his little boat, and did not touch them.

The water did get in under the floors of the O’Flaherty house and do some damage, but did not actually get into the living quarters.

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