Riehlife Mississippi Floodstage Series Concludes with 12th post: nonegenarian looks back on lifetime of flooding


From July 4th to July 12th I’ve posted 12 entries written by Erwin A. Thompson giving a historical perspective on the Mississippi River floodstages through the years.

I sure hope you’ll have a chance to look through these as a series. It’s been a pleasure posting them. Hats off to my father, Erwin A. Thompson for writing these for Riehlife and our loyal daily readers. —JGR



1) 1943 Floodstage “Home on Pass & Nearly Impassable,” by Erwin A. Thompson
2) 1943 Floodstage: “Me & My Brother,” by Erwin A. Thompson


3) 1973 Floodstage Mississipi River, “Never Happen?” by Erwin A. Thompson
4) Floodstage! How our Old Gate Road became a life line to higher ground…by Erwin A. Thompson


5) 1993 Floodstage…500 year flood damage on a human scale, by Erwin A. Thompson


6) 1993 Floodstage Tribute: Bob Sanders, Garbageman—He went beyond the call of duty because it was the right thing to do, and got new business.


7) 1993 Floodstage Tribute: “Dog Mike,” poem by Erwin and Ruth Thompson for a brave flood fighter
8) Mississippi Headwaters Postcard


9) 2008 Mississippi River Floodstage, by Erwin A. Thompson (& Janet Riehl)…floodstage series continues


10) River Love from Childhood & Changes in the River, by Erwin A. Thompson
11) Floodstage Mississippi River, 1903, 1943, 1973, 1993…add 15 years = 2008: “Man, the Meddler


12) From Floods to Flames…series on Mississippi Floodstage starts tomorrow just as I go towards the firestorms

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