Editorial: “Wisconsin Solidarity,” by Jenny Hazard

Most recently on Riehlife we’ve heard from Jenny Hazard on art as the magic of the mundane. Jenny is a Mentor and Independent Consultant Supporting Survivors Through Mid-life and Beyond. She can be found at White Wave Consulting or Nanakoosasplace. Now she weighs in on the political situation in Wisconsin. For more information check Jenny’s Facebook page where she posts personal updates, videos, and news articles on the situation in Wisconsin.–Janet


by Jenny Hazard

I’ve been marching, writing and cleaning up dog hair. What’s happening here in Wisconsin is more than the budget or even Union rights (as if that’s not important enough!) The bill threatens huge cuts to education which is already drastically underfunded. Arts and music are almost non existent in most schools Teachers
have already been cut and face even more layoffs. For many children who come from already impoverished families and jobless, crime ridden neighborhoods, school is a safe haven and an influence which can help empower them to bring positive change to their suffering communities. The bill threatens to cut eligibility for Medicaid to many of those families, ironically targeting the “working poor” the hardest.

Finally, Walker proposes to sell our energy plants through no bid contracts by offering huge tax breaks and, this is the worst….safety deregulations. As if we haven’t witnessed the horrible consequences of those policies already.

In summary this bill threatens every aspect of our state, Unionization and workers rights, the right to an education and health care and environmental safety. The network news will not report much of what is happening here. We are holding strong and have had a presence in the Capitol building for over two weeks now.

Twice the Police have been ordered to remove protesters and have instead stood in Solidarity with them, as they have for entire duration. This is unprecedented. We are hanging tough and will not give in…but I believe it’s important for people everywhere to know the truth about the potential
consequences of this bill.

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