St. Louis: Largest African American Ball in City’s History

Ron Gregory organized a marvelous evening. I, as usual in polarized racial St. Louis (goodness!), was pretty much the only white folk there. But, luckily, I feel comfortable. After five years in Africa surrounded by Africans, this is no novelty.

Came with a friend. Sat at mostly an all-woman table…really nice woman. Mostly boomers. For most of us, a sense of transcendence…a sense of celebration (Boomer-style :-), of feeling layers of history and prejudice fall away.

Everyone stylin’ but not a feeling of stuffiness, a’tall. Just happy, happy, happy. Everyone happy. Good entertainment. Even “Rednecks for Obama.” What a hoot. Totally packed.

I wore one of my Ghanaian-style gowns I had tailored there. Felt very comfortable on every level.

Wonderful evening.

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