“Spirit of a Woman” anthology featured on New Dimensions Radio

More news on “Spirit of a Woman: Stories to Empower and Inspire.” I continue to be pleased that my story “Sliding Glass Door” is included in this fine anthology.

“New Dimensions” radio featured The Spirit of a Woman on their worldwide radio broadcast. Titled: “The Power of Stories to Heal with Terry László-Gopadze.” Hosted by Justine Willis Toms. Program #3378

You can hear it streaming for free on the New Dimensions website for two weeks, beginning December 29th or you can download it for a small fee at any time after December 1st. Go to “Listen” on their website menu for a list of stations and carry “New Dimensions.”

New Dimensions is working in partnership with Stanford University Library to digitize their entire archive of over 6,000 hours of deep dialogues with hundreds of the most innovative movers and shakers on the planet. More hours are added to the archive every week.

Description of the program:

Topics explored in the dialogue include:
· Why do stories matter?
· How Bobbi Gibb found the courage to be the first woman to run the Boston Marathon
· How to heal ourselves from victimhood
· How the power of generosity keeps on giving
· How one woman found the “Great Mother” when she was one of the “missing” in Chile
· How the hula can change the world

For Terry László-Gopadze the idea of sharing stories of spiritual power was born out of a struggle with her own health problems,grief for her desperately ill father, and sadness over her mother’s placement in a nursing home. She found mentors who guided her on a path of healing and growth by the stories they told.

Writer and spiritual activist Christina Baldwin, in a story in the book, says, “In a crisis of such proportion as the times we live in, there are no idle stories. We may be coming to the point where our ability to save or destroy ourselves largely depends on thestories we tell each other.” Sit back and be lifted by this remarkable conversation and storytelling that illuminate a core of truth for us all.

Terry László-Gopadze is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is also a storyteller and has led workshops on storytelling, shamanism, forgiveness, intuition, healing, and creating destiny. She has worked with such diverse groups as cancer patients, 12-Step programs, women’s groups, and health centers. She is the editor of The Spirit of a Woman: Stories to Empower and Inspire (Santa Monica Press 2010).

Program #3378 59:00Minutes

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