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Al-Jazeera streams untold stories of people around the world

AJE - Al Jazeera--English version of the Arabic-language news network. Breaking news and features plus background material including profiles and global reactions.

My friend Judy Tart says:

For the past couple of weeks, I've been watching Al-Jazeera streaming on-line to get the latest and best coverage of the uprisings in the Middle East, and I've been really impressed by their in-depth coverage and analysis.

But sometimes when I go for updates, I find fascinating documentaries about peoples whose lives never get covered in Western media - struggles of young people in rural China, and Australian aborigines losing contact with the land and their nomadic way of life. It's a completely different take on the world, as if the globe has been turned upside down and all the important stories come from the part we never see - even the weather news - how often do you see the weather for Africa, India, and Brazil on the Weather Channel?

Give it a try - you might like it!

Thanks, Judy!

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