Riehlife Poem of the Day: Levi Romero’s “Wheel’s” (dreams of New Mexico)

I lived in New Mexico for seven years in the 1980s. I recall the Saturday night car parades down the main street of Espanola…and have magical memories of Chimayo. I’m glad our National Poetry Month editor Stephanie Farrow chose this poem for us. It brings back happy memories of one of my heart homes. –Janet


by Levi Romero
In the Gathering of Silence

how can I tell you
baby, oh honey, you’ll
never know the ride
the ride of a lowered chevy
slithering through the
blue dotted night along
Riverside Drive Espanola

poetry rides the wings
of a ’59 Impala
yes, it does
and it points
chrome antennae towards

‘Burque stations rocking
oldies Van Morrison
brown eyed girls
Creedence and a
bad moon rising
over Chimayo

and I guess
it also rides
on muddy Subarus
tuned into new-age radio
on the frigid road
to Taos on weekend
ski trips

yes, baby
you and I are two
kinds of wheels
on the same road

listen, listen
to the lonesome humming
of the tracks we leave

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