Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: “Janet,” a limerick by Nancy Beyer

I met Nancy Beyer, along with her mother, at the Story Circle Network in Austin. Her creative work runs from piano, to fabric arts, to watercolor artist, to poetry. She’s currently writing a story about her views of growing up.

She told me a lovely story of a party where every woman received a limerick celebrating them. This reminds me of the Praise Poems I wrote for a group of women in New Mexico known as The Eskimo Cookie Sisters.

Nancy says, “At the Story Circle Network Conference I met some of the most interesting women who shared some of their knowledge and experiences. It proved to be a delightful weekend spent making some friends on this crazy planet we call Earth. As we were driving home that little bothersome muse began to run around in my head and out popped a few limericks about a few of the people I so thoroughly enjoyed meeting….this one is for Janet.”

I’m honored to share it with you. –JGR



There once was a woman named Janet
The Circle she did help to plan it
She came here to tell
Her stories so well
A smile, a new friend on this planet!

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