Alton Sesquicenntenial. We’re playing, folks!

Pop and I were musicians in public this weekend. We played both days at the Alton Sesquicenntenial. Just so you don’t have to look it up, that’s 150 years, the anniversary of the historic Lincoln-Douglas debates in Alton.

Click here for a schedule of the weekend and more information on the Alton Sesquicenntenial.

On Saturday at the Trolley stage Pop, my great niece, and I played old-time music, including what was said to be Lincoln’s favorite song, “Old Dan Tucker.” We met a high school sophmore who spontaneously joined us, as did some singers from the crowd.

On Sunday Pop and I played with, my two great nieces, our music protegee, my brother-in-law, and the young man we met Saturday. M. and Dave stood in the back and sang. M., 8, tracked our program. “What’s next, M.,” I’d ask, and she’d check for the next song on our clipboard filled with song lyrics Pop assembled.

I was the stage manager, MC, and hostess, and PR rep, as well as playing violin. Saturday night we held a square dance at the Unitarian church in Alton. Not much for numbers, but boy did we have a good time. Pop called, 3 guitarist and Evan and me played violin. Your arm almost falls off to play an entire set. I got to dance two squares: “Chase the Rabbit,” and “Cast Off Six.”

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