Donation Sustains Music Program: Erwin A. Thompson in the news

At the Writers Club Reception this week Pop said, “If I’d have to choose between music and writing, I’d be hard put to choose.” With this set of articles in The Telegraph this week, looks like he doesn’t have to.

Pop’s a newsmaker! At 92 he’s on a roll! On May 8, 2008 at 11:08PM Telegraph’s Stephanie Kiszczak posted her story “The write stuff: Writers’ Club co-founder speaks to students.” [See the Riehlife story in post below.]

Now, Dan Brannan, Telegraph Executive Editor, has written a column featuring my father titled “Erwin Thompson gives a gift that will keep on giving” about his donation to the Alton educational sysem music program. In addition to honoring his gift and providing a good platform as a call to action for others to follow his example, it’s a darn good profile.

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