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A. O. Scott on Roger Ebert and Film Criticism in the N. Y. Times

Roger Ebert, the Critic Behind the Thumb [I believe this link only lasts for a limited time.] by A. O. Scott is a MUST READ for folks who like to watch and think and talk about movies. I love this article that covers such range: Ebert's career as a print critic; how Siskel and Ebert created the new form of TV film criticism (and thus changed our culture); prevailing through and beyond illness; delving into the essence of criticism of all kinds, but especially film criticism...and more.

I loved this article by A. O. Scott so much that I called up Daniel in Northern California at an unseemly earlly hour to read it to him and to discuss it with him.

Here's a passage I like, now that I'm back in the Midwest and surrounded by Midwestern speech and action:

But the plain-spoken Midwestern clarity of Mr. Ebert’s prose and his genial, conversational presence on the page may, in the end, make him a more useful and reliable companion for the dedicated moviegoer. ---A. O. Scott

Film critics on T. V. changed our culture. Before, folks just went to the movies, and came out and had a cup of coffee. Now, everyone is a film critic. Aren't you?

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