A. O. Scott on Roger Ebert and Film Criticism in the N. Y. Times

Roger Ebert, the Critic Behind the Thumb [I believe this link only lasts for a limited time.] by A. O. Scott is a MUST READ for folks who like to watch and think and talk about movies. I love this article that covers such range: Ebert’s career as a print critic; how Siskel and Ebert created the new form of TV film criticism (and thus changed our culture); prevailing through and beyond illness; delving into the essence of criticism of all kinds, but especially film criticism…and more.

I loved this article by A. O. Scott so much that I called up Daniel in Northern California at an unseemly earlly hour to read it to him and to discuss it with him.

Here’s a passage I like, now that I’m back in the Midwest and surrounded by Midwestern speech and action:

But the plain-spoken Midwestern clarity of Mr. Ebert’s prose and his genial, conversational presence on the page may, in the end, make him a more useful and reliable companion for the dedicated moviegoer. —A. O. Scott

Film critics on T. V. changed our culture. Before, folks just went to the movies, and came out and had a cup of coffee. Now, everyone is a film critic. Aren’t you?

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