“Tell Me Something Good”–Musical Review at St. Louis Black Rep Theater

Kevin C. Johnson, author of the blog “The Blender” writes an interesting review of “Tell Me Something Good.”
Photo shows most of the cast members from the show. See Kevin’s article for a good description of the cast: how they were chosen, and how the younger and older members blend together.

The Black Rep’s “Tell Me Something Good” is in its closing weekend at the Grandel Theatre in Grand Center this weekend.

This is the brainchild of Director and Black Rep founder Ron Himes, who says that it is: “a revue of R&B music that looks at the development of the R&B music form from the ’50s to the ’90s, while at the same time looking at the fashion and the dances.”

The show gives us an energetic rendition of more than 60 songs from doo-wop to hip-hop. It’s non-stop energy and passion as the songs are variously belted out of crooned.

The impeccable and sometimes humorous choreography that become true acting in some cases keeps interest up throughout the show and provides transitional links between the songs. The multi-level stage set compliments the content of the show perfectly.

As much fun as the show itself, it being in an audience actively engaged with call and response; we all know the lyrics and be show’s end it becomes a true sing-along. Finally, everyone rises on their feet and dance together. What a power surge that is!

“Tell Me Something Good” runs Friday through Feb. 8 at the Grandel Theatre. Tickets are $17-$38, available through MetroTix.

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