We Get What We Bring: Be a Guest at the Feast


We get what we bring.  This principle is brilliantly illustrated in the responses to Daughters of the Dust in its Amazon reviews. Julie Dash’s brilliant and ground-breaking independent film is too good to dismiss.

 True, Dash’s film takes some effort because it uses non-traditional story-telling techniques rather than the ones we are used to in mainstream cinema and popularly received independent films. To receive this film fully takes some time, willingness, effort, and suspension or our usual perception. But, if the viewer can do all that, what a gift Julie Dash and her tribute cast and crew has given us to unwrap.

I lived and worked in Africa for five years and for me, the film so well conveys the African spirit, basic cultural beliefs, sense of wonder (magic), and time… that was then transported to the New World. I learned so many things by being with this film and watching the richly detaled accompanying documentary on its making.

Is this easy, pre-digested material? No. Can we afford to dismiss our passionate geniuses in any art form? No. Come to Daughters of Dust with a full heart, open mind, and a willingness to digest your own food–so lovingly cooked here.

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