Corey Blake, “Chairman of the Dream” keynote speech at Missouri Writers Guild Conference, Columbia, Missouri

Writers of the Round Table is a call to action. Corey Blake leads leaders. After decades of experience in the film business, Corey Blake transferred these concepts to the world of developing writers and producing books. Corey Blake is a Dream Producer.

To the group of writers assembled at the Missouri Writers Guild Conference in Columbia, Missouri, Corey posed this core value question:

What is the dream? If I could affect 1 million people tomorrow, what would I offer for positive change?

“Each of us has a universal theme that is specific to our experience,” said Blake. “Champion that for others who need it. We are each engaged in an ongoing conversation. What is the conversation that guides you?”

Corey found his dream was to be part of the creative process that changes people. He loves developing a story that changes the person or team in the process of telling the story. In the past 7 years he has played a key role in developing more than 300 screenplays and manuscripts, and won 9 festival awards.

He challenged us to continue to tell our essential story and to get it out to the people who could benefit.

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