World War II: Gripping Story of Erwin A. Thompson’s “Down to the Wire” Night Patrol story told by Laura Griffith in The Telgraph…article and video

“Even with his body ravaged by shrapnel, Erwin Thompson managed to drag one of his men back to safety. He didn’t know it, but th man was about to return the favor.

“Thompson, now 92 and living in Jersey County, remembers a time during World War II when he was put in charge of a night patrol that would change his life. It was November 8, 1944.” [A day before his 29th birthday!]


Read more of this fine article by Laura Griffith telling the story of all-around bravery the night he was wounded near Stohlberg, Germany…by clicking here at The story is at the top of the fold on page two of the paper and on the home page of the telegraph today there is a video of my father, Erwin A. Thompson telling the story of that long-ago fateful night.

Laura Griffith has caught the spirit and facts of this story so well that tears came to my father’s eyes when he read it.

Also, read more about my father under the “Daddy ‘n Me” category. There is a section in “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary” titled “Slim” telling stories about my father, including memories from his Treasure Chest of unforgettable moments.

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