Diane Thompson, Land of Lincoln Lawyer, heard on NPR’s “Marketplace”

Diane Thompson, attorney for Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc., also did an interview with Steve Tripoli of NPR’s “Marketplace” on the subprime lending issue/predatory lending (listen here). They also used a snipet of it to promote the show.

We’re all really proud of her. Pop and I sat in the kitchen and listened to her on the radio. She has a beautiful voice and is so intelligent and well-informed. She puts her compassion to good use.

She went to Washington D. C. to attend a conference, and was, at one time on stand-bye to testify for the congressional hearings on lending.

Her husband, jokingly said, “I would have to commit a felony to get this sort of attention.”

Diane has always had a knack for pithy sayings. Of my father’s way of renting to poor people in which he make them part of the family more than tenants, she said, “Grandpa, you are the only landlord I know who pays people to rent from you.”

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