Riehlife Review: Eden Maxwell’s “An Artist Empowered”

Eden Maxwell’s weblog “The Soul of Fine Art” is a fine place to “delve into art, passion, writing, dharma, character, consciousness, culture, intuition, evolution, and the spirit we call soul.

Eden Maxwell’s breakout book An Artist Empowered: Define and Establish Your Value as an Artist—Now is, indeed, a triumph over rejection and a 435 page primer for creators as promised on the cover.

“An Artist Empowered,” infused with spirit and hard-won insights, contains everything needed to sustain creation over a lifetime. It’s simply a magnificent achievement.

I was so struck by Eden’s sense of Dharma and creative life, that we’ve collaborated on providing three featured Riehlife posts this week:

April 10, 2008: Artist Eden Maxwell’s Life Purpose is Dharma in Daily Life
April 9, 2008: Eden Maxwell on Art in Zen and the Zen of Art
April 8, 2008: Eden Maxwell: Make Rejection Work for Your Creative Life
(partnered with) Riehlife Rejection Resources from the WRITE PEN! archives

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