“Catch and Release” explores tenderness in the rawness of grief

Since the death of my sister and mother in the past three years, I’ve watched many films on the theme “for every loss there’s something to be found.” Here is another that someone handed me yesterday. It garnered Two Thumbs up from Roeper and his guest critic on “At the Movies.” I like it, too.

In the film Catch and Release a woman struggles to accept the death of her fiancé and the secrets he kept from her as she rebuilds her life. It’s gentle and quirkily funny. The sex scenes here are among the most tender I’ve ever seen on camera, and thus, more true to my own experience. It’s portrait of different ways of grieving also is true to life from my own experience.

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  1. So correct Janet in every loss we experienced there is always a big thing that to be gained. This big thing may be strong self-confidence, realization, learning from it to make a better person of who you are now and more. These aspects are really great contribution to ourselves if we grieved.
    Though I haven’t seen the movie but from what you have said I think it’s really a good one.


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