Poetic Film: And Now Ladies & Gentlemen”–Laude LeLouch–Anglo-French Co-Production

Okay, I get my films late. Part of fuddy-duddy-hood and part of living in the country. And, worse (or better, maybe?) when I’m in Illinois, I get my films from the library. And Now Ladies and Gentleman, an Anglo-French co-production from 2003 directed by Claude LeLouch and an official selection of Cannes Film Festival Closing Night was, quite simply, worth the wait.

With Jeremy Irons as a playful and brooding jewel thief and Patricia Kaas as a blues singer, who sings throughout the movie, and beautiful scenery that includes Morocco we’re off to a good start.

I love jacket copy and here’s this one’s: “Two lost souls who have become fugitives from the past…but now, fate is about to bring them together in the unfolding present. Halfway around the world, in a mysterious and enchanted village, they will each seek a way to literally save their endangered lives, while discovering a love that will radically change them.” You see what village wisdom can do?

Because it’s an Anglo-French co-production the language switches back and forth from English to French, with sub-titles for whichever language you are not fluent in. This is much as it is when you are travelling–aside from the sub-titles, unless you were so lucky to have a translator.

A soothing pace, beautiful soundtrack and cinematography, immersible acting, revelation of cultures and classes, some food for thought on what memory, past and present, integrity, and love mean…well worth your time.

But, if you want to know all the reasons not to like it, then go to Rotten Tomatoes for a really entertaining set of quote bubbles and links to full reviews.

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