Stocking Stuffers–ideas

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season, from childhood on, has been my holiday stocking. As a child they were mainly filled with things that seem unexceptional now, such as navel oranges and nuts.

The Queen of Stocking Stuffers in my life was my former mother-in-law Eileen Souder. Girl, could she ever stuff a stocking! She traveled widely and looked for things throughout the year that she thought each person would enjoy. Her choices were tailored to each individual, and that made them special. The whole kit and Kaboodle was stuffed in new, gorgeous knee socks that I could wear not just that year, but many years to come. Thanks, Eileen, for all that pampering! You are a gem of a gal.

The other day I finally wore a pin my niece Janean gave me last year. It’s a combo pin/ornament…you get to choose its use. As you know, I love good copy-writing, so here’s what it says: Serenity by Seasons of Cannon Falls “inspiring traditions: Serenity is a gentle collection of angels that embody the flight of the human spirit.” My mini ornament pin is SCATTER KINDNESS. Oh, yes…they are even packaged resting on a bed of wispy white angel hair.

Celebrate your strength angel
Celebrate Your Strength (and fight breast cancer)

Or, how’s this for inspiring advertising copy? “The healing garden…soul cleansing bath & shower gel/moussant bienfaiteur…green tea therapy.” And, it works fine for shampoo, too. Or, make your own with epson salts and aromatic oils?

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