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Writing prompt: What to wear? What to wear? (Registers of Dress/Address/Redress)

When I was job hunting in the Bay Area in California in the late 1980s, I found that I had to offer something compelling to persuade people to meet me for an information interview. For example, on the phone with an image and communication consultant I was put on the spot. Why should she meet […]

Writing Prompt: Connect–or Not

Take a thread from these thoughts and write for at least 10 minutes…and then 10 minutes more…to tap into your mind on the topic of connection and barriers to connection. Connection and the possibility for connection surrounds us. The oxygen we breathe together connects us. What do we share? What brings people together? What separates […]

Writing Prompt: The Power of Witnessing for One Another

When/if we witness one another? Really were present and listened to each other? Affirmed what takes place? What does it look like? What happens within both people and in the relationship?

Writing prompt: Boomer Centers (Pre-Senior)

If there were centers just for Baby Boomers, what would they look like? What would happen there?

Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: Artistry of Feelings by Janean M. Baird & Lilie Allen

When I ran a writing prompt on the artistry of feelings, I received several fine poems in the comment section. The prompt? Our feelings are a tool for self-cultivation. What texture and color are your feelings? Interestingly, both women chose to respond in poetry. Janean Baird is my niece…the daughter of my brother Gary and […]

Part 2: “Who owns the story?” by Riehl & Farrow on

Women’s Memoirs runs part 2 of “Who Owns the Story?” as a writing prompt. Who Owns the Story? You’ve decided that yes, you’re going to do the scary thing. There in the mirror of the written page you’re going to expose yourself—warts be damned. Read on to find out what our really fun writing prompts […]

Writing Prompt: Part 1 Who Owns the Story?

Womens Memoir is running a 2-part series Stephanie Farrow and I have written on the topic “Who Owns the Story?” We’re exploring issues of family story and memoir. There are several fun writing prompts at the end of each post.

Writing Prompt: The Artistry of Feelings

Our feelings are a tool for self-cultivation. Writing prompt: What texture and what color are your feelings?

Riehlife Contemplation: What are the rivers you need and want to cross? Jimmy Cliff’s “Too Many Rivers to Cross” can be used as a writing prompt and a life prompt, too.

Jimmy Cliff’s “Too Many Rivers To Cross” was one of the sound track songs from my time in Botswana and Ghana in the 1970s. There were a lot of rivers to cross, and I learned how to cross them…not all at once, but slowly, and one by one. This also made a great slow dance […]

Riehlife Meditation on Bumps and Mountains…across the plains of our worlds—conversation starter and writing prompt

When one wrinkle is made smooth, I notice a bump beyond…in the distance…and want to go there and explore. What could that bump be? A mountain, perhaps? Or, just a molehill? I see a vast plain, like a tapestry carpet stretching out before me…miles to the mountain. I will journey over the plains, but need […]