Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day: Artistry of Feelings by Janean M. Baird & Lilie Allen

When I ran a writing prompt on the artistry of feelings, I received several fine poems in the comment section. The prompt? Our feelings are a tool for self-cultivation. What texture and color are your feelings? Interestingly, both women chose to respond in poetry.

Janean Baird is my niece…the daughter of my brother Gary and his wife Patty Thompson. She’s a wife and mother of two sons. Janean pursues art and writing in Central Illinois as she embraces a new beginning after a 16-year career in advertising.

Lilie Allen lives in Montana and tells stories in poems.

Waves of blue calm and serenity
by Janean M. Baird

Waves of blue calm and serenity.
Smooth plains of radiant, joyful purple.
Ant hills of bristly red anger and frustration.
No longer mountains of red – since my new beginning.

Red like the color
by Lilie Allen

Red like the color
of roses
Gold in the summer mountains
Silver like a river
flowing over rocks
Clouded blue of a sky
on a spare yard of winter

Lilie Allen

Grey before sunrise
a snowfall waiting
coffee and a quiet day

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