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Riehlife Writing Idea: Sensory Scan as Memory Prompt

When Jake Lorfing and I were talking yesterday about some long ago work I felt would be worthy writing material, he said, “But I don’t remember anything; it’s too long ago.” I suggested he do a Sensory Scan. You can do this, too. 1) Take each sense in turn: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell. 2) […]

“I kept my mouth shut.” (Conversation starter)

“It almost killed me to do so, but I kept my mouth shut….” Tell us about a situation in which you found you had to just shut up, or you’d be in really big trouble, one way or another, or just a big bore, or unkind. For John Flinn, it was that no place is […]

Pigheaded Pills and Other Personality Patent Medicine (Conversation Starter)

If you could choose some aspect of your personality to improve…and all it took was taking a pill, what would you choose? Choose something fun. Pig-headedness, say? Tell us the trait you’d like pills developed for to make you just a little bit nicer to be around. Just don’t make me agree with you. At […]

Cool Doctors: You gotta love a doctor who…

Okay, here’s a fun little game you can play with our regular readers. Speaking with a friend over the phone, we started this list. If you’d like to join in, just hit the comment button and add to the list. Antique figure of doctor in a lab coat studying an X-ray (Enesco collectible from […]