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July 4th poem: “I am the Declaration of Independence,” by Genie Keller

July 4, 1976, the United States celebrated its Bicentennial. In 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. As the N Y Times board blog says: “It makes sense to think of the Fourth of July as the start of a season and not as a one-day holiday moored off by itself. But it […]

Stuck in Stuff? A Guy named Dave can help.

Ready to get rid of all that “stuff”? A guy named Dave Bruno has some great ideas for you on how to “reduce, refuse, rejigger” at his blog & and a cause “Stuck in Stuff”. He regularly runs a 100 Things Challenge. This way of living—“quieting the noise of consumerism”—is the way I was raised….taken […]

Calculate Gas Prices for Summer Travels!

Riehlife contributor Judy Tart sends this gas calculator from an AAA website. It allows you to calculate gas prices for a trip anywhere in the US, but only calculates between large cities. It does help compare between specific models of cars, which is very informative. Judy calculated the gas cost for a round trip from […]

Walk Score…fight rising gas prices…Walk!

My friend Judy Tart (woman of wide-ranging intelligence and heart) has appeared on Riehlife several times in the Village Commons category. She is, in effect, one of the contributors to the Riehlife Blog-Magazine. Today she writes about a site that gives you a WALK SCORE. “You enter your address (or where you are thinking of […]

Lester Mondale, noted humanist, circles of inspiration…from Missouri to the Galaxy

R. Lester Mondale (May 28, 1904 to August 19, 2003) “I feel most truly myself, And at home in a universe of Living things and Galaxy-strewn skies About which the half Has never been told And, perhaps, Never will be told.” Lester Mondale, a man with big vision, lived a big-hearted life. Father of Karen […]


A LONG DRIVE IN THE COUNTRY It’s a pretty drive from St. Louis to Nashville (routes 64/57/24) that takes around 5.5 hours and crosses three rivers (Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee) and passes by many gorgeous large lakes (Rend/Egypt/Barkley) where I wanted to just stop and camp. The routes down are so aesthetically constructed without billboards […]

All Mothers Day—for mothers and others—the truth of interconnection

Happy ALL MOTHERS DAY, you mothers and others. This is a good day to recognize the truth of Tibetan Buddhism: that every being was at one time my own mother…your own mother. Hey! that means you were mine and I was yours. Taking it into present time….you are mine and I am yours. We nurture, […]

VE Day: 1945—Edward R. Murrow reporting

The biggest throw-your-hat-up-in-the-air news on May 8, 1945 was VICTORY IN EUROPE – GERMANY SURRENDERS! Click here to go to a site where you can hear a live report from Edward R. Murrow of CBS news standing in Piccadilly Circus in London”amidst a crowd of jubilant Britains celebrating the end of the war”. Go to […]

Blog Duet: Curating the Examined Life

Crazy Ali Poet of Turkey Photo by Marcy Burns An unexamined life is not worth living. —Socrates An examined life is worth curating. —Janet Riehl Like a museum curator chooses what to put in the exhibit and where to put it, we all choose where and when and with whom to place the events that […]

Moyers & Wright: Beyond the Soundbite

I left The Space (see post below) to rush home through our big thunder and lightening storm…headed for Bill Moyers’ Journal on PBS…featuring an interview with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and looking for insights into… Black Churches, Black Theology and American History James H. Cone’s quotation set the tone of Rev. Wright’s conversation with Moyers: Black […]