Walk Score…fight rising gas prices…Walk!

My friend Judy Tart (woman of wide-ranging intelligence and heart) has appeared on Riehlife several times in the Village Commons category. She is, in effect, one of the contributors to the Riehlife Blog-Magazine.

Today she writes about a site that gives you a WALK SCORE.

“You enter your address (or where you are thinking of moving), and it shows your WALK SCORE—how many places are close enough to easily walk to. This is going to be more and more a factor as gas prices get even higher.”

Click here to learn the WALK SCORE of your neighborhood.

My apartment complex in the Central West End of St. Louis scores 82 per cent as a walkable neighborhood. That’s one reason I chose to locate here 11 months ago…I could scan this on a body level.

Click here to find out how walkable neighborhoods are designed.

The Walk Score site is inspired by the Sightlines Institute, Cascadia’s sustainability think tank, provides research and tools to help create a healthy, lasting prosperity in the Northwest.

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