Stuck in Stuff? A Guy named Dave can help.

Ready to get rid of all that “stuff”? A guy named Dave Bruno has some great ideas for you on how to “reduce, refuse, rejigger” at his blog & and a cause “Stuck in Stuff”.

He regularly runs a 100 Things Challenge.

This way of living—“quieting the noise of consumerism”—is the way I was raised….taken to such an extreme that I almost need lessons in consumerism!

But, frequent moves and radical life changes have constantly led me to examine my stuff. My way is to look closely at the thing, examine what it really is, and what it really is to me, and then find a good home for it. I’ve given away carloads using this method.

I’ve also discovered that places like Women’s Shelters rather than resale shops are more in need and less critical of donations. They need items for both the shelter itself and also when the women go out on their own later to set up new households…and, sometimes for nursery schools they run on site. So, when you are doing your spring to summer cleaning/clearing out, do think of your local women’s shelter.

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